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On Being a Legal US Citizen

They call it the green card. Everyone has their own version of what does the ultimate and famous “American Dream” to them. This has started in the Jazz age where the economy of the great America is bursting with opportunities and giving birth towards the so-called “new-money” to rise up from the occasion and acquire new status on the society. Since this boisterous age of feelings and leaning on the promise of the great America Dream, people have been targeting America for a new life.

People today have been dreaming to start a life filled with a lot of opportunities in the great land of America. The great American Dream has been and will be forever embedded and carved in every outsider’s heart. But though this much is true, today getting your privileges to fulfill your own version and concept of American Dream is never easy. Due to countless threats and recorded crimes that have occurred due to immigration and American’s openness, USA has developed stricter rules for their immigrants and migrants.

You need to be legally accepted to be called a citizen. If you want to spend the rest of your life living in America, if you wanted to be in the edge and boundaries of the greener Pasteur that which is USA, then you need to comply with the requirements, follow the law, and make yourself obligatory to it. You need to acquire your citizenship and have your green card in your hands.

Green card gives you more than just the legality of being an American citizen. It also helps you get to work without constraints and to help you get the insurances and other privileges that are usually enjoyed and given to American citizens. It is not just any card, it’s your actual card to get your right straight and make things easier for you while you live and stay in the USA border. So whenever you feel like staying for good then you need to work for it and find ways to get your green card.

There are a lot of ways to become an eligible green card holder and as such is getting done with your requirements. When you are at it and when you are at loss for solutions, then you need to ask for someone’s help. You have to be fully educated when you process your US citizenship because you might only get a shot to it. You have to take it seriously and you need to invest on as much as you want to invest in your future.

A green card is not just a simple card that the US Government gives to any person who wishes to be a legal citizen of the country. It must be earned and it must be granted to you after your relentless pleas. There are times where you will be denied but also all will be well once you make the right step towards it. You have to figure out a way to get your green card citizen pass.

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