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The Simplest Ways to Find Studs in Walls for Mounting a TV

You have just acquired your TV screen for the first time and you want to fix it on the wall. Though it may seem something simple, it isn’t as it looks as you won’t just need to drill holes on the walls. A concrete wall isn’t compared to a wooden wall and thus the task is even harder. You should know that putting a stud on this wall will call for the right tips. Another task that demands a good guideline is finding studs on the wall. You will realize that finding studs on the walls can be done through many methods. Check the following techniques that will help you find studs in your home in a simple way.

There is the natural way where someone is there when the house is being constructed and it will be easier to identify the studs unlike when you bought your house. In a case where you are there with the civil engineers, they will easily show you where the studs are in the house. Civil engineers are the professionals who are experts in the construction standards and they know al the features that are important for fixing TV screens on the walls and thus they will guide you without charges. If your case is that of someone who bought the house, there are also other means by which you can identify the studs.

Another method is to use stud finders that make the work easier and help you to find the studs position very easily. One way here is to use the electronic stud finders that detect changes in the wall width. This technique will help you to identify the studs whose drywall width doesn’t exceed 1.5′. This method is one of the fastest and more accurate and you will find it simple to use. All you will have to do with this electronic stud finder will be to position it on the wall and activate it and it will show you the position of the studs.

There is the magnetic stud finder that utilizes magnetic strength to find metals on the walls. It is assumed well that the nails and screws that are used on the walls are metallic and when you take a magnet, it will easily show where the studs are. The use of sound is also very effective in finding where there are studs on the walls as you will just tap on the wall and listen to the distinct sounds. You can also employ the observation methods to avoid paying any cash on the job. You can identify where there are switches, trims, or with the use of a lantern or a wire to find where there are studs.

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