Effective Wildlife Removal Services for Residential and Commercial Properties

New home construction is a booming industry that has one downside, it is increasingly expanding into rural areas and causing increased interactions with the surrounding wildlife. Residential and commercial property owners in these new communities find themselves relying on wildlife control services since the majority of these individuals have little experience with wild animals. When the need arises for snake, bird, groundhog, bat, or raccoon removal people can rely on the services of companies like Xceptional Wildlife Removal.

Safe and Efficient Wildlife Removal

Raccoons are animals that the average person should never try to personally catch or handle especially since they tend to nest in high locations. Possessing sharp teeth and claws as well as harboring disease, these feisty mammals must be dealt with by professionals who have the proper training and tools to capture them without major incidence. No harmful practices are employed during the removal process, the raccoons are simply trapped or snared and relocated to unpopulated areas where they can live freely with limited human contact.

Restoration of Damaged Property

If a pest can find their way inside, many will take refuge in attics where they cause property and structural damage while establishing a nest or colony. General contractors know plenty about reconstructive work but aren’t trained in pest removal which is why companies like Xceptional Wildlife Removal also provide attic restoration services. Trained in the fields of wildlife removal as well as carpentry, these experts can effectively remove invasive animals, clean up the waste they have left behind, and restore any structural damage without requiring the homeowner to call in outside assistance.

Emergency Removal Services

Wild animals don’t live life on any type of schedule, whenever they find a place to take up residence or raid for food it happens. This is why some animal removal companies provide 24/7 emergency service. Whether it’s late at night, during the weekend, or on a holiday there are wildlife experts who are prepared to swiftly remove any animal that is posing a threat to a home or business. Once the pest is captured the specialist will inspect the area and advise the client on the specific steps that should be taken to sanitize and secure the property so that the possibility of this event repeating itself is drastically reduced.