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Top Factors to Look at When Choosing a Source of Grass-Fed Beef

Grass-fed beef is that which comes from cattle which have been feeding on grass. The alternative to grass-fed beef is the conventional type known as grain-fed beef, which comes from cows that have been feeding on grains. Grass-fed beef is known to provide various benefits including its leanness, more nutrients, and no contaminants since the cows are fed on natural grass. It is necessary to look at different things about the company that sells the grass-fed beef you want to consume so that you will be sure to receive the full benefits of buying grass-fed beef. Find out the top factors to look at when choosing a source of grass-fed beef in this article.

It is necessary to consider if the beef of a particular company is USDA inspected. When such an inspection has been carried out, you can be sure that what you will purchase is something that has met the standards put in place to regulate the operations of the industry. You can, therefore, be sure that you are safe when consuming the meat from a company that has gone through the necessary USDA inspection.

It is necessary to find out what a company that sells grass-fed beef gives its animals in different seasons of the year. The cattle may feed on natural grass every other time except during winter when snow is covering all the land. Therefore, you need to find out if even in such times, the cattle feed on natural items such as hays and alfalfa. You also need to find details of whether a company gives its cattle antibiotics or growth hormones since if it does so, then the beef is no longer as natural as expected.

It is also necessary to consider the quality of the grass-fed beef that you can obtain from a particular company. You need to know that the grass-fed beef from a specific company is tender and lean to give you the best experience when cooking and eating it. The company also needs to offer good cuts so that you will not feel cheated when you purchase a certain amount of beef. You can choose a company that carries out DNA tests before harvest to ascertain the levels of quality and tenderness that the meat will have.

It is also necessary to think about how timely a company is in providing delivery services. The company should be faithful to offer delivery as you expect. The company also needs to use equipment and packaging techniques that enable you to get your delivery in good condition. The company should also charge fair prices for the deliveries.

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